Yes, we do in fact buy guns from customers who are looking to sell!


The best course of action for someone looking to sell their gun(s) to us is to swing into the shop with their firearm, ask for an associate to help them assess the value of the firearm, and ask us to make an offer.


It should be noted that we DON’T make offers or assessments over the phone or based on pictures. Please have your firearm present.


Our inventory of beautiful new and used guns is ever changing at our expanding storefront.


Customers enjoy our expediency with their paperwork as well as the helpful and positive environment we create for new and experienced gun purchasers.


We pride ourselves on not only steering customers in the right direction for a well-informed purchase, but we enjoy leaving them with more firearm knowledge than when they entered the store!


If you’re looking to sell your firearm, but aren’t concerned about getting money today, consignment is always a good option. We display your gun in our store for customers to view. We also offer to put your firearm on GunBroker to make it available to a larger audience around the country. Upon the completed sale we write you a check for the value!

In-Store: Our consignment rate is 15% of the final sale price.

GunBroker: If you decide to have us list your firearm on our GunBroker account we charge 20% of the final sale price.

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Sometimes you just want to know the value of what you have without any conflicting interests. Perhaps you’ve inherited a large number of firearms that you simply don’t know what to do with. We’re here to help you start on the right foot.


Lots of places will sell your guns, but like to sneak fees for silly things like “storage, photography, shipping, insurance” etc… These charges often times only show up on the itemized statement after the sale. We DON’T do that.


We give appraisal quotes up-front so there’s no room for wondering the cost. Should you choose to consign or sell items to us we’re transparent regarding our margins.

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