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Silencer? Suppressor? What's the difference?

Silencer, suppressor, these are interchangeable words for the same item. If your goal is to reduce noise and gas from your firearm, then you’re in luck! We do everything at MJ’s from supplying the highest quality suppressors available, to guiding you through the paperwork and filing everything at the point of purchase.

We even call you when your approval comes through.

What is the wait time for approval?

Suppressed Uzi

The best resource for wait time estimates can be found on the ATF’s website. We don’t anticipate seeing wait times reduce with the influx demand for silencers. This is why we always say, “The fastest way to get a silencer is to start the process today.”

To start the paperwork, you’ll need a few things:

  1. The suppressor you want to purchase has to physically be at our shop. We do this because the serial number is a requirement for the form.
  2. You will need to be present at our shop with an ID and other personal information at your disposal.
  3. Payment, not just for the suppressor up-front, but also the $200 federal tax stamp required for each suppressor purchased.

Can my family use my suppressor?

The simple answer comes down to first asking you how you filed your form.


Individual filing restricts usage to just you or someone who is presently with you.


Filing for a suppressor under a trust allows for any member on the trust to have possession without anyone else present.


Thankfully, we make Traditional NFA Trusts at MJ Gunsmithing. This type of trust puts all serialized items into one document. This is a great option for people who want to list responsible parties and beneficiaries. These trusts can also be amended as many times as you’d like!

Suppressor on an AR

What kind of suppressor should i get?

Selection of suppressors at MJ Gunsmithing

There are a few things you’ll want to consider before selecting a suppressor. While we are knowledgeable on how to get you the right silencer, we will need you to tell us how you intend to use it:


  1. How many guns are you looking to suppress? You could get a dedicated can for each gun, or purchase a multi-cal can that can adapt to all or most of your guns.
  2. Are you shooting .22LR through this can? If so, there are suppressors designed specifically for these dirty rounds.
  3. Are you pinning and welding a can to extend barrel length to 16″+? You’ll want a direct thread suppressor for this.
  4. Are you hunting with this suppressor or rapid firing at the range with it? Weight is a serious consideration for hunting, and there are very lightweight cans to use, but the materials in those suppressors typically aren’t designed to withstand rapid fire.
  5. What kind of quick detach system are you wanting to use? The different brands have their proprietary muzzle brakes and adapters to quickly switch your silencer from gun to gun. It’s good to stick with one brand so there is interchangeability in the future.

Before you Stop in:

Be sure to set yourself up with an ATF eForms login. That will expedite the process here at the shop. The credentials you’ll need are as follows:

  1. Email
  2. Password
  3. Username (will be emailed to you after registration)
  4. PIN (4 digits that you enter and have to remember during registration)

What about engraving form 1 items?

MJ’s provides Form 1 engraving services among many other more artistic forms of engraving and marking firearms!

For more information on our laser engraving services click here.

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