Thureon Defense Replacement Parts

MJ Gunsmithing LLC is now the exclusive provider of replacement parts for Thureon Defense, following the closure of the latter.


With a limited supply, firearm enthusiasts can rely on MJ Gunsmithing LLC for genuine components. Thureon Defense has entrusted their remaining parts inventory to MJ Gunsmithing LLC, ensuring continued access to high-quality replacements.


Shipping costs are approximately $20 within the United States and $40+ for international orders. For prompt order requests, please contact

Thureon Defense Parts

DescriptionThureon Defense Part Number(s)Price
Ejector Blade Kit (Blade, Screws 2x)6, 7$12.99
Feed Ramp Kit (Ramp, Screws 2x) 10mm & 9mm2, 24$34.99
Takedown/Pivot Pin Kit (2x)3$18.99
Magazine Release Lever Kit (Lever, Spring, Retainer)8, 27, 30$50.49
Aluminum Buffer Weight29$29.99
Buffer Spring & Detent26, 27$16.99
Buffer Bumper - Urethane38$12.99
Extractor Kit (Extractor, Spring, Pin)7, 8, 9$24.99
Firing Pin Kit (Pin, Spring, Retainer)10, 11, 34$24.99
Large Diameter Charging Knob12$39.99

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