Laser Engraving

Gun Trust Engraving

Gun Trust Engraving Trigger Guard

Many folks who have NFA items such as short barreled rifles elect to have them in a trust. The ATF requires those items be engraved with the gun trust information. With our laser engraving service, we’re here to make that possible.


We have the ability to accurately place and engrave the needed info to meet ATF specifications for these items. We can often engrave an item while you wait in our shop for an expedited service!

Laser Stippling

Stock grips are rarely for everyone. We have now started offering custom laser stippling. The base cost of this service falls somewhere around $350 depending on the difficulty of the design.


We’re expanding our library of available textures, so if there’s and example of something you’d like done to your gun you can email us an image!


Note: These types of laser engraving services are tested and perfected many times prior to implementation on customer guns.

Glock 20 Gen4 Hexagon Laser Stippling

Artistic Customization

Personalization of a firearm is becoming more popular each year, and laser marking is opening up the limits of what’s possible. Our team can take any graphic or pattern to our laser and apply various finishes/markings to a wide variety of materials.


Combine this with our Cerakote and machining services and you will have a truly customized firearm that the Jones’ next door couldn’t possibly replicate!


In this example you can see a polymer youth stock we “white marked” with our laser to showcase a beautiful logo.

Izaak Walton League Polymer Whitemark Laser Engrave


Our Pricing

New Barrel Chamber Engrave (Usually included if we chamber the barrel for you)$60
Gun Trust Engrave$60/Item
Custom Design Engrave$90 Starting
Customer Laser Stippling (Glocks Only)~$350
*Note: An hourly art fee will be applied to custom design engraving for complex designs that aren't already vectorized. (Minimuim 1 hour)$40/Hour


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