Why Cerakote?

One of the primary advantages of Cerakote is that it is easily applied on any firearm surface, including metal, plastic, and even wood components. Though there are many types of Cerakote to choose from, the H-series is the recommended one for firearms, and the one we use at MJ’s. This offers the highest level of protection.

Other reasons to utilize our Cerakote services include:


  • Personalization(make your gun a one-of-a-kind masterpiece)
  • Blemish Repair(don’t settle for factory defects or an exposed finish from that tumble you took hunting out west)
  • Uniformity(get all of your build components matching down to the bipod if you so choose!)


We might turn it around and ask, “Why NOT Cerakote?” We say the only limitations on what can be done are your imagination and pocketbook!

How it compares

Our Pricing

Complete Solid (Does not include stock)$325
Complete Battleworn - Two Colors (Does not include stock)$375
Complete Pattern - Up to 3 Colors (Does not include stock)$425
Complete Custom (Does not include stock)Starting at $450
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail Solid$200
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail Battleworn - Two Colors$250
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$325
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail CustomStarting at $340
Upper, Lower OR HandguardStarting at $75
AR Adjustable Stocks - Simple$75
AR Adjustable Stocks - Complex$100
Complete Solid$325
Complete Battleworn - Two Colors$375
Complete Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$425
Complete CustomStarting at $475
Barreled Action Solid$200
Barreled Action Battleworn - Two Colors$275
Barreled Action Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$325
Barreled Action CustomStarting at $350
Complete Solid$150
Complete Battleworn - Two Colors$210
Complete Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$250
Complete CustomStarting at $300
Slide Only Solid$85
Slide Only Battleworn - Two Colors$125
Slide Only Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$175
Slide Only Custom$200
Frame Only Solid$85
Frame Only Battleworn - Two Colors$135
Frame Only Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$185
Frame Only Custom$210
Slide OR Frame ONLY GunCandy (Disclaimer: No stenciling for GunCandy. Ruins the finish)$150
Slide & Frame GunCandy (Disclaimer: No stenciling for GunCandy. Ruins the finish)$300
Battleworn - Two Colors$300
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$350
Battleworn - Two Colors$250
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$300
CustomStarting at $350
Barrel flute different colorQuote
Battleworn - Two Colors$250
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$300
CustomStarting at $350
SolidStarting at $150
Battleworn - Two ColorsStarting at $200
Pattern - Up to 3 ColorsStarting at $250
CustomStarting at $300
Battleworn - Two Colors$325
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$375
Battleworn - Two Colors$175
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$225


Battleworn - Two Colors$70
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$90
RingsStarting at $50
Sun Shade$25
Accessory Rails$7/Inch
Special Order Colors$40
Barrels (One Color - High Temp)Starting at $95
Muzzle Device (One Color - High Temp)Starting at $35
Rail or Handguard OnlyStarting at $75
Rail or Handguard (Second color for accents)Starting at $40
MSR (AR/AK) Magazine (One Color)$40
MSR Grip or Forward Grip$50
MSR Stock$75
Handgun Base Plate (One Color)$20
Bipod (One Color)$100
Suppressor Solid Standard Color$75
Suppressor Special Order/High Temp Color$110
*Additional Colors to Above Services$50


Contact Info

1292 State Hwy 175

Hubertus, WI 53033