Why Cerakote?

Cerakote is an outstanding finish for any firearm, adhering seamlessly to metal, plastic, and wood components. At MJ Gunsmithing, we primarily use the H-series Cerakote—highly recommended for its superior protection and durability.


Here are additional reasons to choose our Cerakote services:


  • Personalization: Transform your firearm into a unique masterpiece.
  • Blemish Repair: Correct any factory flaws or cover up wear from that adventurous hunt out west.
  • Uniformity: Coordinate all parts of your build, right down to the bipod, for a flawless look.


So, why not opt for Cerakote? The only limits are your imagination and budget!

How it compares

Our Pricing

Complete Solid (Does not include stock)$325
Complete Battleworn - Two Colors (Does not include stock)$375
Complete Pattern - Up to 3 Colors (Does not include stock)$425
Complete Custom (Does not include stock)Starting at $450
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail Solid$200
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail Battleworn - Two Colors$250
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$325
Upper, Lower, Fore-end/Rail CustomStarting at $340
Upper, Lower OR HandguardStarting at $75
AR Adjustable Stocks - Simple$75
AR Adjustable Stocks - Complex$100
Complete Solid$325
Complete Battleworn - Two Colors$375
Complete Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$425
Complete CustomStarting at $475
Barreled Action Solid$200
Barreled Action Battleworn - Two Colors$275
Barreled Action Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$325
Barreled Action CustomStarting at $350
Complete Solid$150
Complete Battleworn - Two Colors$210
Complete Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$250
Complete CustomStarting at $300
Slide Only Solid$85
Slide Only Battleworn - Two Colors$125
Slide Only Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$175
Slide Only Custom$200
Frame Only Solid$85
Frame Only Battleworn - Two Colors$135
Frame Only Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$185
Frame Only Custom$210
Slide OR Frame ONLY GunCandy (Disclaimer: No stenciling for GunCandy. Ruins the finish)$150
Slide & Frame GunCandy (Disclaimer: No stenciling for GunCandy. Ruins the finish)$300
Battleworn - Two Colors$300
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$350
Battleworn - Two Colors$250
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$300
CustomStarting at $350
Barrel flute different colorQuote
Battleworn - Two Colors$250
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$300
CustomStarting at $350
SolidStarting at $150
Battleworn - Two ColorsStarting at $200
Pattern - Up to 3 ColorsStarting at $250
CustomStarting at $300
Battleworn - Two Colors$325
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$375
Battleworn - Two Colors$175
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$225


Battleworn - Two Colors$70
Pattern - Up to 3 Colors$90
RingsStarting at $50
Sun Shade$25
Accessory Rails$7/Inch
Special Order Colors$40
Barrels (One Color - High Temp)Starting at $95
Muzzle Device (One Color - High Temp)Starting at $35
Rail or Handguard OnlyStarting at $75
Rail or Handguard (Second color for accents)Starting at $40
MSR (AR/AK) Magazine (One Color)$40
MSR Grip or Forward Grip$50
MSR Stock$75
Handgun Base Plate (One Color)$20
Bipod (One Color)$100
Suppressor Solid Standard Color$75
Suppressor Special Order/High Temp Color$110
*Additional Colors to Above Services$50


Contact Info

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Hubertus, WI 53033