MJ's Supports Veterans in Crisis

Captain John D. Mason Veteran Peer Outreach Program

At MJ Gunsmithing LLC, we are proud to participate in the Captain John D. Mason Veteran Peer Outreach Program, an initiative by the Medical College of Wisconsin. This program aims to provide support to veterans in crisis or those facing challenges to their mental well-being.

Our Commitment to Veterans

As part of this program, MJ Gunsmithing LLC offers free firearm storage to veterans who may find themselves in a situation where possessing a firearm may not be conducive to their current mental state. We understand the importance of responsible firearm ownership and recognize the unique challenges that veterans may face.

Free and Confidential Firearm Storage

Our Federal Firearms License (FFL) allows us to provide a safe and confidential space for veterans to store their firearms during difficult times. There is no set limit to the duration of storage, ensuring that veterans can take the time they need to address their well-being without the added concern of firearm possession.

How it Works

  1. Reach Out: Veterans in crisis or those seeking assistance can contact MJ Gunsmithing LLC through our designated program contact.

  2. Secure Storage: We will work with veterans to securely store their firearms at our FFL, ensuring that the process is confidential and respectful of their needs.

  3. No Time Limit: Veterans can take advantage of our free firearm storage for as long as necessary. There’s no rush, and we are committed to supporting their journey towards improved mental health.

Confidentiality and Respect

We prioritize the confidentiality and respect of our participating veterans. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of those seeking assistance through the Captain John D. Mason Veteran Peer Outreach Program.

Contact Us

If you or someone you know is a veteran facing challenges and could benefit from this program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to MJ Gunsmithing LLC. Our team is here to support you.

Contact Information

Phone: 262-628-4200

Email: sales@mjgunshop.com

Address: 1292 State Road 175, Hubertus, WI 53033

Join Us in Supporting Veterans

MJ Gunsmithing LLC is honored to be part of the Captain John D. Mason Veteran Peer Outreach Program. We believe in giving back to those who have served our country and are committed to providing a helping hand during challenging times.

Thank you for considering MJ Gunsmithing LLC as your trusted partner in firearm storage and responsible ownership.

Contact Info

1292 State Hwy 175

Hubertus, WI 53033



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