Frequently asked questions

Every Tuesday-Friday from 10am-6pm and Saturday from 10am-3pm with very few holiday exceptions like Christmas.

We are closed every Sunday and Monday.

Our shop minimum charge for work is $35.

Our typical lead time for gunsmithing service is 4-6 weeks. This can fluctuate during peak seasons or slow seasons. This can also be affected by parts orders and availability if parts are needed.


Rest-assured we never lose track of your firearm in the queue. We will call you the day of its completion. 

If you're in need of expedited work for a trap league or something of that nature, we're able to push you to the front of the line for a $50 additional charge/gun.

Our hourly rate is $75.

Not only do we buy guns, but we also consign and offer trade-in value for deals on new guns! Read more on our Buy/Sell/Consign info page.

We accept transfers in from other sellers, but we do not ship out transfers on behalf of sellers. The only guns we ship out are through our own GunBroker account on consignment.

Our transfer fee for guns that arrive to our storefront is $25/gun.

We are always ordering in new guns that aren't already in the shop! Even with our recent expansion we can't keep every kind of every gun in stock due to space limitations, but no need to worry, we can help you out.


If there's a very specific gun you have in mind for purchase we have multiple distribution avenues to track it down. We are direct with quite a few popular manufacturers, distributors, and recently a new buy group where we get more favorable pricing. It can take a few weeks sometimes, but we can jot down your info at the store and contact you when one becomes available to us.


Upon the time of ordering we ask that you put $100 down towards the purchase.

Full gun cleanings cost $60. They are referred to as DCOA's.

  1. Disassemble
  2. Clean
  3. Oil
  4. Assemble

We do make custom muzzle brakes. They cost $150 and we turn them down to match the contour of the barrel perfectly!

We do offer Form 1 engraving services. We adhere to all ATF required standards for engraving NFA items.


Our cost on engraving is $60/item, but we're willing to negotiate with those who bring in 3+ items at once.

In-shop we do NOT re-blue firearms. We DO however offer Cerakote services for all firearms. There is a shade of Cerakote called "SOCOM BLUE" that closely resembles traditional blueing. It's a superior coating for firearm protection, and we highly recommend it.


If you're looking to have it truly re-blued, we can send it out to a partner of ours to have that done.

We do offer appraisal services. The cost of that service depends on the number of firearms in question. Please come by the shop ideally with the firearms to discuss with Matt or Brandon in greater depth.

We can do basic servicing of AK's, but we do not have a press for pulling trunnions and things like that. We also do not offer extreme modification services for AK's.

Our typical custom builds without optics are as such:

AR Builds: ~$2000

Bolt-Action Builds: ~$3000


These figures are largely impacted by the quality of parts selected.

We do NOT assist in filling out Form 1 paperwork. We DO, however, perform Form 1 engraving.

From start to finish we help file all of the paperwork for suppressors as well as offering the service of creating a trust for those items to be placed in.

The answer is usually "No". The only time we'll say "Yes" is in-person, so just come to the store. In your heart of hearts you know you want to look around the store anyways.

Gunsmithing is one of the many things we offer here. We are a full retail storefront offering the sales of guns, parts, PPE, ammo, custom ear plugs, and so much more!

We have a full-time gunsmith in the shop during our normal operating hours. It is seldom that he or another gunsmith are not present.

In most cases we can offer the following while you wait:

  • Mount and bore sight of optics/sights ($30)
  • AR part installs (Shop Minimum)
  • Jammed or misassembled gun fixes (Shop Minimum)
  • Simple Diagnostics (Shop Minimum)
  • Test Firing ($15)

We DO supply and aid in gun raffles. Typically the raffle coordinator comes in to the shop and purchases the guns from us, goes through the background check, and leaves with the firearms to display at the raffle. After the raffle the coordinator will bring the firearms back, we check them into our system and the winners come to the storefront to perform their 4473 forms and redeem their rewards!

We ARE a blue label dealer. We typically order in blue label Glocks every 3 months or so. All of the paperwork for the blue label program is done here.

We do list a lot of our used guns on See our main menu at the top of the page for the link to our account.

Ugh, yes. While there are inherent issues in the design of this model of firearm there are fixes that can extend the useful life of it. The best thing to do is bring it in to us and we can usually tell you right away if it's a fixable issue or not.

We certainly do! Depending on the level of inspection you're wanting we can either do that while you wait or check the gun in and add it to the queue.

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1292 State Hwy 175

Hubertus, WI 53033